ETRM & Trade Surveillance | London | September, 14-15

Energy Risk is delighted to announce the new two day training course on ETRM & Trade Surveillance. Taking place in London on September 14-15, the event will give delegates an opportunity to hear from industry experts and take away practical methods back to their company.

This is a multi-tutor training course looking at optimising a company's Energy Trading Risk Management system as well as their Trade Surveillance helping solve upcoming problems and challenges.

Learning Outcomes -

By the end of the two days, delegates will have new or improved knowledge of:

  • Insight on the best approach you and your company can take on whether you should "build or buy".
  • Discuss the level of customisation needed once your system is installed
  • Learn tips on best procedures for optimising your systems.
  • Understand the importance of operational efficiency and how it can enable real-time monitoring.
  • Examine what challenges regulations such as REMIT, MAD & MAR have on your ETRM and trade surveillance.
  • Review how to correctly collect and use your data and the compliance issues surrounding it.
  • Study certain behavioural analysis and what it could mean including looking out for spoofing and documentation/case management.
  • Scenario test in order to detect patterns and map correlations.

Testimonials -

Edison Trading "Very knowledgeable speakers with first hand practical experience in the analysis of the impact and the implementation of the regulation."

Monsson Trading "A very useful presentation which cleared up some still unclear matters in the field."

CGI "Very comprehensive, it touched a number of very valid points about the inconsistencies of the current and new regulations."

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