US GAAP & IFRS 9 | New York | September 21-22

Taking place in New York on September 21-22, US GAAP & IFRS 9: Practical Applications and Comparisons will look at a range of areas from the Impacts of the regulatory standards, the challenges involved of implementation and risks as well as a comparison of the US GAAP and IFRS 9.

The course is aimed at:

Larger US Banks, as they will need a knowledge of both US GAAP and IFRS9 but the course will be relevant for anyone who desires to understand the implications of US GAAP whilst touching upon IFRS 9's similarities and differences. It may be especially relevant to those working in the following areas;

  • Accounting and Risk Teams
  • Risk Modellers and Treasury Teams
  • Credit Risk Managers, Experts, Modellers, Validators
  • Internal and External Auditors
  • Economists
  • Data Officers
  • Regulators

IFRS 9 Training Testimonials:

'Knowledgeable speakers and thoughtful presentations.' - Accenture

'The speakers were very good and the topic was very interesting to me.' - BBVA

'Very dynamic. Nice to have various different speakers. Very good to have full-time presence from Incisive logistics staff. Speakers were all very technical and worthwhile.' - European Central Ban

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