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About The Course

Through a combination of presentations and practical exercises, this seminar offers a full review of the role and attributes of KRIs in financial services, clarifies some confusing ideas about the topic and positions a risk indicators programme in a risk management framework. It suggests a list of the best performing KRIs in some banking and financial markets activities and proposes a step by step method to select and design proactive KRIs.

Learning Outcomes:

After the workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Design an efficient indicator program in a risk management framework
  • Define specific and actionable risk appetite statements
  • Specify relevant indicators for various tasks
  • Focus on preventive risk indicators for their own activity
  • Use indicators as an effective management tool
  • Define threshold levels for KRI that translate corporate risk appetite
  • Comprehend the methods and strategies to use KRIs efficientl
  • Improve returns as a result of monitoring KRIs

> Day One Agenda - KRIs in a Risk Management Framework

  • Indicators in a Risk Management Framework
  • Actionable Risk Appetite
  • Indicators overview
  • Root Cause Analysis

> Day Two Agenda - Designing and selecting effective KRIs

  • Process Mapping and Control Design
  • Designing and Selecting Preventative KRIs Step by Step
  • Monitoring and Validating KRIs
  • Risk Culture and Indicators

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Attendees (8)

Risk & Tech Admin
Stephanie Tytherleigh Training Manager Incisive Media
betsy paneque Vice President, ERM Banesco USA
Brian Soifer Sr Risk Analyst MFS Investment Management
Ariane Chapelle Expert, trainer and consultant in operational risk management Ariane Chapelle Consulting Ltd
Drew DiVall
Valerie Johnson
Nathaniel Lane


Expert, trainer and consultant in operational risk management
Ariane Chapelle Consulting Ltd


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