Market Data and Trading Technology - New York

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About The Course

Inside Market Data is pleased to bring you our 4 day seperately bookable seminars which will equip attendees with the  key understandings of the technical and administrative aspects of the market data arena.

**Attend Days 1 & 2 to be fully prepared for the FIA/FISD exam** PLUS! We are pleased to announce two days for 2015 on Market Data Regulatory Developements and Enterprise Data Management

Overview of each seperately bookable day - Book onto any combination:

Day 1 - Introduction to the Financial Markets and Market Data ***FIA/FISD Exam Preparation Day***
Introduction to the Financial Markets and Market Data This one day course unit is designed to provide a broad overview of the financial market infrastructure, its participants, the assets traded and the market data which is created.

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Day 2 - The Technology, Vendors and Market Data Management ***FIA/FISD Exam Preparation Day***
The Technology, Vendors and Market Data Management Financial institutions are making increasing use of technology to process the market data generated through research and trading to assist and automate securities trading and processing. This course unit overviews the technology used, the vendors who supply the systems and data and the steps necessary within user firms to manage their use

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Day 3 - Enterprise Data Management
This module begins with an introduction to the data sets that comprises the Enterprise Data universe and goes on to explain why it's important, where it comes from, who uses it, and some of the challenges that surround the management of it, both on an industry-wide basis and within individual financial firms. The organizational and technical aspects and impacts of Enterprise Data Management will be investigated. On the organizational side the challenges of introducing a Data Governance Framework will be explored and on the technical side products for handling price data thru to "big" data systems will be outlined and case studies reviewed

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Day 4 - Market Data Regulatory Developments
This course sets out to provide some insight (for non-Legal & Compliance practitioners) into the reasons why the ‘most topical' reforms are considered necessary; how are they being implemented; and what impact they are having on the industry in general and on specific operational processes and systems within individual firms.

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