Stress Testing for Insurers | London | September 7-8

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The first day of the agenda will look into the expectations of regulators with an honest look into how they operate. Sessions that follow will give best practices for effective scenario planning and validation of models within an organisations operations. Delegates will be tutored in how best to go about effective capital optimisation for different areas of stress.

The second day will look back at the implementation of Solvency II, highlight the importance of reverse stress testing and assessing liquidity risks for insurers, as well as include a dedicated session on cyber security.

Event Highlights:

  • Insights from Regulators
  • Carefully chosen experts and practitioners make up a multi speaker format
  • Understand the finer points of validation of Stress Testing models
  • Breakdown of capital optimisation for stress testing processes
  • In depth sessions on reverse stress testing and liquidity risks
  • A look back at stress testing within Solvency II
  • Special session devoted to Cyber Security

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